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Synthetic Grass Brisbane

Saves you money

A Stralia Synthetic Turf helps you significantly reduce the cost of maintaining your yard. It’s long lasting Synthetic Turf range Final Cut series requires no mowing, and doesn’t need to be watered or fertilized.

Helps reduce your carbon footprint

Because synthetic turf doesn’t need to be watered, it can potentially save you thousands, if not millions, of liters of water every year.

Saves you effort

A Stralia Synthetic turf is strong, durable and is long lasting against weather conditions, pets and playing sports, Final Cut requires very little maintenance and remains beautiful and lush all year round.

Free Samples Available - Simply Fill out your details and send us an email at and we shall send you a sample of our quality product to your doorstep. 

Why choose Synthetic Grass in Brisbane?

  • Artificial grass lasts for many years
  • No hassle--no mowing, no watering
  • Low maintenance—all you need is a broom to regularly remove the litter that accumulate
  • Drought proof
  • No extra expense for fertilizer and pesticides
  • No effort needed for weeding
  • No damage occurred in activities
  • Good drainage system for rainy days

Who are we?

AST (A Stralia Synthetic Turf) is a professional and dedicated team that is proudly Australian owned and operated. WE offer high-quality, reasonably-priced artificial grass and installation services around the Brisbane region, for all uses. With more than a decade of experience in the artificial turf industry, we are able to ensure we can offer you the right service for your needs.

What can we offer?

The best price for artificial grass around the Brisbane region

We are dedicated to producing high-quality artificial turf and guarantee the best price around Brisbane.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free quotation if you are considering purchasing artificial lawn.

Best installation service around or outside of Brisbane region

We have fully-qualified and experienced contractors for our installation services of our synthetic turf.

Our installation process starts by clearing the site then layering a bed of porous crushed dust. We then lay a level of fake grass, pinning it in ground with galvanized pins to prevent from rusting, before brushing blended sand particles deep into the fibers. When it is correctly installed, the synthetic lawn will seem no difference to real lawn.

We also supply a range of synthetic grass and consumables for people who would like to DIY. Feel free to consult our team and we will do our best to deliver the most comprehensive answers to your questions.